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Terms of Service
Effective April 2024

* By using or viewing the Map of the Internet service in any manner, you, the user, provide tacit agreement to the terms of service and policies as stated in this document and other writings mentioned in this document, which are subject to change without notice.

If you do not agree, please do not view or use this service. We invite questions, concerns or comments.

* The Map of the Internet maps, remaps, and displays all addressable areas of the public world wide internet, from all countries. Most information is processed automatically from common public sources, and is not subject to human review.

* Our privacy policy is to preserve your privacy and anonymity. Some features allow you to optionally share Maps that you create automatically or by design.

* The Map of the Internet does NOT use java applets, activeX, or plug-ins, however they may be used by some sites found through the map.

* For proper operation, a standard web browser with 100% font size is required. Larger font sizes may result in improper display of the Map cubes. For best results, CSS (Style Sheets) and Javascript should be enabled in the browser.

* COOKIES. The Map of the Internet uses local cookies to remember your settings for size, layout, features and MyMap history. These cookies are not shared with any other site and expire in a few months.

* General usage, search engine and browsing of the Map of the Internet is provided FREE to the general public. Certain features may only be available with paid premium service.

* We reserve the right to edit, move, cancel or restrict any lease, title, cube, cube-holder, image, link or data.

* We do not collect or retain personal information, except where necessary for purchasing or shipping purposes. We do not disclose any personal information that you may supply to 3rd parties.

* We do not share or sell e-mail addresses. We do not enforce the use of real or actual personal names or contact information; you can use an alias, although your use of an alias may preclude some services or remedies.

* We do keep traffic logs for general internal analysis and statistics, but do not reveal information which identify specific users, except to protect our system in cases of extreme overuse or abuse. When you browse through to an external link, it is normal that your IP number and other standard variables may appear in that site's server logs, and that server may also log the URL of the referring link on The Map.

Websites visited from links on this Map are always served to your browser directly from their host server, and not through this Map system's server, or any extra proxy.

* Where usage data is passed on to 3rd party cube-holder subscribers, researchers or advertisers, such data is provided only in an aggregated statistical form, without personally identifying information.

* VISIT or BROWSE mode provides your browser with an internet address of a 3rd party computer. Your browser retrieves the browsed site entirely and directly from the source server. This is presented in a removable HTML frame below the Map Navigation bar. The contents are not known, served, filtered, altered, or re-branded by the Map of the Internet. Links clicked in the lower BROWSER frame are 'offsite' and are NOT seen or tracked by the Map of the Internet system.

* There is no endorsement, sponsorship or association, implied or expressed, between The Map of the Internet and the creators of sites found via the Map. The links appear in The Map index because they are listed in the public DNS, or have been submitted by users, or have been discovered by automated search engine web crawlers.

* Our communications policy is that we do not automatically subscribe anyone to e-mail or mail lists. We may however, attempt to contact cube-holder subscribers by e-mail or otherwise, to alert or announce specific important information regarding their cubes.

* Our editorial policy is primarily concerned only with the visual images which directly appear in the MAP, and not in the BROWSE mode, over which we have no control. We do not automatically review, restrict or block access to any object or site, yet do not guarantee to provide access to any site. The images applied to the map, should always be suitable for public view of all ages. We may reject submitted images which we deem technically unsuitable or for which we receive complaint or concern. The visible text should similarly be suitable for public view for all ages, except where such text is technically representative of another object such as a domain name (sic). We may restrict direct access to or from objects, by placement into certain areas, or by applying other qualification techniques, yet acknowledge that such access may be otherwise readily obtained by implicit or external methods.

* This Map may lead to objects which are not intended to be served to you or your system, or are restricted in some manner. Please be respectful and do not repeatedly attempt to access such an object through this service. Owners or administrators may request that the Map of the Internet does not directly link to specific URL's, for technical reasons.

* Safety: The Map policy does not allow user submitted cubes which directly link to executable programs. Map cubes link to most servers listed in the public DNS, many of which are not web servers. Where cubes link to HTTP servers, they link to domains, web pages and audio/visual objects. Some web pages use scripting which can launch undesired objects or malware. Such objects are not directly linked by the Map. Vulnerability to malware is controlled by your browser type and configuration. Please inform us of any technical safety concerns.

* An adult word filter may be active by default. This feature is switchable by the user. Filters are intended to remove most domain names which contain common adult terms, from the DOMAIN SEARCH results ONLY. The filter DOES NOT currently work with SUBJECT SEARCH. It does NOT filter 100% of such domains, offensive sites, nor does it prevent mapping, access or direct searching of such addresses. It filters only via partial domain name and not via the content or intent of any site. The filter does NOT prevent display or access to minors, it is only an aesthetic convenience for general searching. Individual filtered results may be periodically human reviewed for reinstatement into the unfiltered dataset. Please inquire for additional information regarding the filtering process, or to make special request to change filtered status of any cube.

* PAID Cube(s) provide a Lease to the Title of the Cube(s) to the payor by way of a membership Subscription to the Map of the Internet Service. The member becomes a subscriber and subscribes to access the system in order to manage a Cube-Holder, and is thus entitled to apply various features to the cubes such as images, links, descriptions and keywords.

Paid cubes can be 're-sold' by the 'Owner'. All Cubes, locations and data are at all times, and forever, owned by the Map of the Internet Service Provider and are proprietary, virtual and intangible, with no direct influence on the actual Internet or Domain Names.

The Map Services uses terms of transaction language in a special context, where: the terms 'sale', 'sell', 'resell', 'sold', 'resold', 'buy', 'purchase', 'obtain', 'hold', 'keep', etc, refer to a transfer of 'title' of the 'Lease' from the Map of the Internet as "Service Provider" or from one internal 'Member', Subscriber', or 'Cube-Holder', to another.
No rights, including, intellectual rights, property rights, or rights of ownership, are granted, given, transfered, expressed or implied, and no warranty is offered. In plain language; "buyer's" are given exclusive ongoing rights to modify their cubes, through this service, as long as this service exists, however the cubes are non-physical, intangible, virtual images and links which can not be held or owned, outside of this service.

* Un-Paid or FREE cubes are subject to 'sale' and/or 'bumping'.

* Cubes with broken, invalid or offline links, may be suspended or removed permanently without notice. If Paid Cubes are removed for this reason, they are forfeited without refund or notice, and made available again for purchase.

* The conventions and use of numbers, words, symbols, names, and addresses used in or by the Map of the Internet are virtual, fictitious, novelty, novel, and proprietary and do not necessarily reflect or have a real counterpart in any network, internet, trade name or trademark. Any similarity to real or actual; numbers, words, symbols, names, addresses, people, computers, businesses, phrases, or marks, are to be considered incidental in the context that this Internet MAP is a proprietary tool used by its users for internal purposes, and such items and attributes do not have any restrictive influence on external object, nor do they confer any rights to external object, nor do they infringe on any external rights. The manner in which internal objects relate to external objects, is virtual and proprietary, without any purport of express purpose of actuality or reality.

* Trademarks and trade names used or mentioned in the map, writings, documents, or user content are held by their respective owners.

* Users who submit items such as images or files which are not in the public domain, must be the copyright holder of the item, or have valid permission to use such items, including logo's, signs and trademarks. Map of the Internet is not responsible for the content or verification of usability of submitted items, and may remove disputed items.

* This is a World Wide Web Map, and many aesthetically similar texts, phrases, logo's, signs and symbols may be in use by many parties, each of which may have rights to use such. You may inform us of any image or text that you feel is an infringement of some kind, which in turn we may, but are not obligated to, forward the concern to the party who submitted the item, to invite that party to resolve the issue directly with you. We will not automatically remove such items, nor arbitrate or verify any rights.

* Independent verification should be obtained before relying on any information supplied by this service. No guarantee of data accuracy, availability, completeness, or currentness, is expressed.

* The Map of the Internet is provided as a service to humans for education, research, advertising, browsing and entertainment. Permission must be obtained prior to extensive use by robots or automatic retrieval systems. The Map of the Internet service may not be used to collect bulk information or data for storage in any other database, nor by query in another retrieval system, without special permission. Please obtain permission for extensive use or use in special projects.

* The Map of the Internet service may be offline, unavailable, modified or terminated without notice or liability.

* We only correspond in English human language and UTF-8 and Western ISO-8859-1 ANSI/ASCII fonts, at this time.

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