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What is it ? - OVERVIEW

  • Map of the Internet is an interactive Internet Map, Search Engine, Index and Directory, where each internet domain, website, web page or any other internet address is represented by cubes in 3D space. Over 1 Billion internet domain hosts can be found on this visual Internet Map. see graph - (source)

    Use the Map of the Internet Map to hover over the World Wide Web, looking down on all the site cubes. Click on the top of any cube to visit that site. Steer left or right, up or down, to discover this expanding universe, and Map the Internet for yourself.

  • If you have an existing Domain Name, Website or a Web page, or an E-mail address, you are invited to obtain Cubes that advertise your site link. You can provide pictures to change the appearance of areas of the map. You can set a cube to link to anything on the internet. You can set keywords to allow others to find your cubes.

  • The benefit to Cube Advertising on The Map, is that cubes have a permanent, perpetual, ongoing 3D location in cyberspace. This gives you a specific place that you can change over time, to ensure that your link can be found.

  • .MOTI Address feature allows anyone to easily find your AREA of Cubes and websites.
    Turn a long complex MapOfTheInternet URL into a simple .MOTI name !

  • With over 4 billion cubes you can build virtual objects, rooms, buildings, shops, malls, communities, parks, cities, or even cyberspace stations.

  • By astute positioning of the cubes, you can develop intentional communities by self-categorization.

  • Increased traffic will result when explorers visit nearby cubes.

  • Valuable virtual real-estate like demand may develop, based on the position of your cubes. Obtain your cubes early, and you may "re-sell" your access to cubes wanted by others.

How it works

Mapping the entire IPv4 numbering schema of Internet cyberspace with over 4.3 Billion addresses, the Map of the Internet Maps the computers of the Internet (IPv4) which were each assigned by their host, a unique four part address number such as:

The metaphors used on this 3D Internet Map to represent the IP addresses are:
    GGG.ZZZ.YYY.XXX where:

    GGG is called a Galaxy or Building
        - 16 million Cubes (stack of 256 Floors)

    ZZZ is the Z axis called a Floor
        - 65536 Cubes (top down view of 256 rows of 256 Cubes)

    YYY is the Y axis called a Row or Street
        - 256 Cubes along a Row or Street

    XXX is the X axis called a Cube
        - the Location or Column on the Row

Each FLOOR is shown from a top-down view with the CURRENT CUBE at the
TOP LEFT (North West) corner.

The system can be visualized as 256 Buildings that each have 256 floors, each floor being 256 by 256 cubes, or as 256 Galaxies each with their own 3D co-ordinate system.

Map of the Internet has several Universes which arrange the contents in various ways.

Universe 1 is a one-to-one numerical Internet Map of Domain Names (or computer names) to their actual IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Other Universes allow User placement of cubes to any address, subject categories, one-to-one or many-to-one, alphabetical, or Internet subsets such as Websites, FTP, Telnet, News, Gopher, E-mail etc., special purpose, intranet, and non-internet data retrieval.

Map of the Internet Universe
The above image shows the Internet Universe mapped in the 1990's.
The Galaxies (GGG) are 0-255 from left to right, with
the Floors (ZZZ) graphed bottom to top.

A few sample IP's are shown from user traffic logs. Note the interesting dispersion. The main density is within Galaxies 190 through 216. The Galaxies in 130 through 170 range tend to be specific countries and governments. Sporadic points on the far left are from major internet pioneer networks such as HP, IBM, APPLE or HOME.COM.   Military IP's can be found in Galaxy 33 and 132, among other places.


  Visit the domain or website that the cube is linked to...

  Click on the CUBETOP of any text cube,
  or anywhere on an image cube

  -  JUMP to Random Cube.

The CURRENT Cube is ALWAYS the one in the TOP LEFT corner.

- X Axis - Move Left or Right one cube.

- Y Axis - Move Up or Down one cube or row or street.

- X Axis - Move Left or Right one screen Page of cubes.

- Y Axis - Move Up or Down one screen Page of cubes.

- Z Axis - Move Up or Down one Floor.

- G Axis - Move Up or Down one Galaxy.

( The Map of the Internet is really 4D - more 4 dimensional than 3 dimensional !
Each of the 256 Galaxies GGG have their own 3D coordinate system. )

  -  VISIT - Launch cube to Browse a website found on The Map

Enter any URL into the input field, just as you would use your internet browser's
address field. That website will Launch for you to Visit directly in your web browser.

Your browser will connect directly with the mapped internet URL address. If a address is not a regular web site, you may get a blank screen or some other message generated by that server, or generated by your browser. There are many many IP Cubes on the internet that are not web sites intended for browsers. Many are hosting other services like e-mail, DNS, IRC, and especially common are the servers for the connection of internet users, like you, who are given an IP by your ISP Internet Server Provider to get online.

  • Click the Left or Right, Up or Down arrow buttons to move the map, see the sites that are nearby around the CURRENT cube.

  • Click the MAP button to return to a standard Map view mode at the CURRENT location, from various special view modes.

  • Right Click on the MAP button to Copy Link, to bookmark or share The Map at its current location.

MULTI  -  Multiple Cubes at the same Location

4 Billion IP addresses are not enough for all the websites !! Some IP numbers server several websites on the same numerical address. When there are more than one website at a Location on the Map, these are expanded as a MUTLI Cube area of cubes at the SAME XXX Location on the SAME Row YYY, displayed on its own horizontal line. The next Cubes on the same Row after a MULTI, continue the next line of cubes below. New Rows start at the left edge as usual.

Click the button to see all the Cubes within a MULTI Location.


  -  DOMAINS search button.

Enter any words or phrase and the Internet Map Search Engine will LIST the domain names containing the matching phrases, followed by a MAP of found cubes. Select from the list and the map will be positioned, with the selected found cube in the top left corner.

OR... Enter an exact domain name with extension, and the map will be positioned, with the found cube in the top left corner.

If an exact match is not found, suggestions will be given.

If you enter a valid website URL in VISIT mode, the website will be launched, with the Internet Map positioned to the cube of the domain hosting the website.

If there is no server for the address you provide in VISIT mode, a standard 404 Not Found error may appear, however the cube of the host domain may still appear in the Internet Map if it has a DNS (Domain Name System) entry on the internet. Click on the host's cube, and you might find the intended page through links provided by the main host or ISP.

  -  SUBJECTS search button.

Use the SUBJECTS button to find cubes that have your search phrase in their description or keywords.

  Also use
WICY Cube Yard

for even more powerful subject search technology.

Enter single commands into the input field on the top of the Internet Map:

Enter any numerical IP address:
    GGG.ZZZ.YYY.XXX - IP address.
        ZZZ.YYY.XXX - IP subset 0 through 255.
            YYY.XXX - IP subset 0 through 255.
                XXX - IP subset 0 through 255.
  • Enter 0         to move to the beginning of the current row.
  • Enter 25          to move to the 25th cube in the current row.
  • Enter 114.25         to move to the 25th cube (column) of the 114th row.
  • Enter 87.114.25       to move to 87th floor, 114th row, 25th cube in row.
  • Enter     to move to the exact IP LOCATION specified,

          e.g. Galaxy 192 Floor 87 Row 114 Column 25

    W=n - Set the Internet MAP WIDTH to 'n' in number of cubes across.
               Enter a value 1 through 256

    H=n - Set the Internet Map HEIGHT to 'n' in number of cubes high.
               Enter a value 1 through 256

    Enter  W=10 then press return to set the width to ten columns.
    Enter   H=2   then press return to set the height to two rows.
You can surf faster with a smaller grid size.
5x3 is suitable to a slower/lo-rez terminal or mobile, but
8x4 or even 10x5 may be appropriate for high end browsers.
The overall display may be limited to 1024 cubes.

Set grid size to full width 256 cubes wide (Single Row)
        Scroll left or right to see the entire row.

Restore grid size to regular width and height.

AUTO COMPACT  -  Compress
CON   - Turn ON the auto Compact mode. (default)
COFF - Turn OFF the auto Compact mode to display blank cubes.

Map of the Internet will automatically COMPACT to skip display of blank cubes.
Blank cubes are those which do not return a Domain Name for the given numerical IP address from RDNS Reverse Domain Name System lookup. This does not mean that there is no computer at the address of a blank cube, it only means that athe owner of the IP address did not configure a reverse lookup of a domain name to the number. Blank cubes can still be launched and often may have working websites.

When Compact mode is ON, blank cubes are not displayed.

If a single blank cube is displayed, that means that the entire row is blank.

The left edge column of each row, always starts at the same XXX number, but the cube numbers across the rest of the row will skip the numbers which are blank, and can appear to be out of sequence with the previous row, due to blank compacting.

You can still move to any blank cube, either by entering the XXX column number or a more specific numerical address, or by 'moving' via the arrow keys.

Page Left or Page Right moves will always move the width of the grid from the first cube, regardless of the range of compacted blank cubes displayed. This means that if you are at location 3 XXX, as in, and the GRID width is 7, then a Page Right move will begin the new display at location 10 (3+7), even if the previous display showed cube 3 then 50 52 91 due to the skipped blanks between 4 and 49. You would then see cubes 10 50 52 91 , not starting at 57 (50+7)

You can turn ON   the auto compact by entering CON. (default)
You can turn OFF the auto compact by entering COFF or from the OPTIONS button, to see each blank cube.


Each Cube shows as a single pixel dot.
Move around the internet universe in these amazing views. Click on any dot to launch that cube in the standard GRID Map, then click on any cube to visit the website.

  -  Floor     Map of the Internet

  -  Galaxy   Map of the Internet

  -  Universe Map of the Internet


  -  This Help.

Many exciting new features are coming online all the time to The Map of the Internet.
The internet is growing daily at an astronomical rate.

Use The Map of the Internet every day to find new ways to discover
more websites that ordinary search engines don't show you.

    • PARTIAL DOMAIN search
      - look in existing map to find any phrase within any domain name.
    • DOMAIN search
      - lookup exact URL domain.ext
         to automatically add to the map.
    • SUBJECT Search
    • VISIT websites
    • Order Form. Get your cubes NOW !!!

  -  Click on cubes to make your own My Map

  Towers mode. Street view of all the cubes of the current row as Buildings.

  Return from Towers mode to GRID view mode.

  Full GRID Width button.

  Move to FULL LEFT side of Floor.

  Move to TOP LEFT corner of Floor.

  Visit site without adding to your MyMap.

MOTIBOT - Robot Crawler
is currently crawling the World Wide Web, verifying domains and cubes. Reaching the very edge of the universe of cyberspace.

Internet Galaxy Maps. Click the icon from the Map Menu
      to see an overview of the current area of the Galaxy.
      This allows complete long range scan overview
       and surfing of the entire internet Universe !

VR, Quicktime, Video, Panorama, type cubes.

Adult filter. Toggle in Options menu.

IP Number links can be launced from the INFO button.

WHOIS - Find the current owner information of the host domain of the cube, via the INFO menu.

SERVER - Show Server Type Header Information, via the INFO menu.

You Are Here - Show where your access computer is on the Map.

Art Gallery of Internet Maps.

Screen capture images by IShots.

Search by Subject and Category from DMOZ ODP content, and MOTIbot's own growing datasets.

WICY wiki Cube Yard of The Map of the Internet

  • YOURMAP.MOTI address feature to easily find your area of cubes.

CONTACT - Internet Domain List Map of the Internet

        It's Your Internet, It's Your Map !

Please write us with any comments or concerns.
We love to hear from you.

* Please contact Map of the Internet for: advanced features; heavy usage;
   special purposes; re-publishing; or to arrange use by automatic robots.

Make sure your sites can be found on the Map of the Internet.
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