Map of the Internet
Internet Domain List     The entire internet is here...
Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change.
Prices may vary according to cube position and availability.
Prices are listed in USD Dollar equivalent exchange rates.
* Some conditions and restrictions apply.
* Limited time offer.
- Complete information available in the HELP file.
- Please review the Terms of Service.
- Order your cubes with the Order Form.

  • FREE Map BROWSER service. You Map the Internet.

  • PAID Cubes - Secure your place on the Internet Map!
           Resell valuable cubes for profit.

    * BASE PRICE is the one-time basic price paid to obtain exclusive ongoing access to set link and image of a standard cube or to transfer the cube to another owner within this system. The base price is the administration fee per sale or resale.

    Certain cubes cost more than the Base Price, specifically; cubes that technically Map to Fortune 1000 companies and certain reserved cubes. The price for Cubes that are currently owned, are set by the owner.
    * See CyberRealtor's manual for details

    • $50.00
      One time fee
       per each one (1) Cube Location

    • Includes one .MAP address
      (short address used within The Map)
      per with each PAID cube, subject to availability.

    Map of the Internet
    • Make CUBES for your:
      • Domains
      • Web Site
      • Web pages
      • Company Logo
      • E-mail address
      • Face or picture
      • Band, CD or Album cover
      • Song, MP3 or Video
      • Pet
      • Robot
      • Car, Truck, Boat, Plane or other vehicle
      • Home or Building
      • Anything you can show or link to online !

      • Upon purchase, each cube can be placed any available location on the Map, separately.
        Cubes can not be relocated.

      • Cubes are specific locations on the 3D Map of the Internet.
        A single cube can display an image of virtually any size, but are generally restricted to standard screen sizes, such as 1024 x 768 maximum for the convenience of the viewer.
        Typical cubes are displayed at 120 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.
      • Technically, and as a minimum,each cube face is:
        100 x 100 pixels square, that gives:
        10000 pixels per face,
        60000 pixels total outer surface,
        60000 pixels total inner surface,
        1000000 (1 million) pixels total volume !
      • Four (4) Cubes are great for Banners
      • Fifteen (5 x 3) Cubes fits small screen
      • Twenty Four (6 x 4) Cubes fits 800x600 screen
      • Forty Eight (8 x 6) Cubes fits 1024x768 screen
      • Seventy (10 x 7) Cubes fits 1280x1024 screen

    Optional services
    • Domain Hosting
      • Contact us for superb unix domain hosting on fibre optic networks.
        Starting at $20.00 per month.

    • Internet Services - Webpage hosting, design or repair.
      • Contact us to host your domain or website, for web design, CGI programming, E-Commerce, or to repair your existing website.

    * Bonus! - You might automatically receive FREE replica cubes in various Galaxies or Universes.

    * Un-Paid or FREE cubes are subject to 'sale' and/or 'bumping'.

    * PAID Cube(s) provide a Lease to the Title of the Cube(s) to the payor by way of a Membership Subscription to the Map of the Internet Service. The member becomes a subscriber and subscribes to access the system in order to manage a Cube-Holder, and is thus entitled to apply various features to the cubes such as images, links, descriptions and keywords.

    Paid cubes can be 're-sold' by the 'Owner' at any price, subject to an administration fee by this system. All Cubes, locations and data are at all times, and forever, owned by the Map of the Internet 'Service Provider' and are proprietary, virtual and intangible, with no direct influence on the actual Internet or Domain Names.

    The Map Services uses terms of transaction language in a special context, wherein: the terms 'sale', 'sell', 'resell', 'sold', 'resold', 'buy', 'purchase', 'obtain', 'hold', 'keep', etc, refer to the ability of the subscriber to adjust the image and link of a cube.

    No rights, including but not limted to: intellectual rights, property rights, or rights of ownership, are granted, given, transferred, expressed or implied.

    * PAID cubes are provided as a service to the subscriber, for a one-time fee. There are no renewal charges. Cubes will be displayed perpetually for as long as the Map of the Internet service is being offered. Subscribers must keep their e-mail contact information current. Cubes may be forfeited without refund if subscriber does not respond to e-mail from this system or login occasionally, or if cube is linked to a dead link. Brief interruptions due to internet access or maintenance may occur.